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Styling Studio :


Our stylists are masters of the art of automotive styling, seamlessly marrying form and function. Every curve and contour they create not only makes a statement but also meets production needs, ensuring your dream car becomes a reality.

The automotive styling journey begins with your vision. We delve into in-depth research, crafting hand-drawn sketches that capture the essence of your desired design. These sketches undergo meticulous iterations, informed by market trends and unwavering attention to ergonomics, ensuring your automotive styling masterpiece is both captivating and built for the real world.

Model-shop :

After the initial design phase, your vision materializes in our state-of-the-art model-shop. With their expertise in model making, our team uses a spectrum of materials – from clay to 3D printing – to breathe life into your automotive styling concept at full 1:1 scale. Witnessing your dream car in full scale before it hits the road is an experience like no other.

Styling Capabilities : 

  • Computer Aided Styling (CAS) & Class-A surfacing: We wield cutting-edge technology to sculpt flawless exterior lines and surfaces, the foundation of your stunning automotive styling.

  • Whole exterior body development: From the sleek hood to the aerodynamic tail, we meticulously craft every aspect of your vehicle's exterior, ensuring it perfectly embodies your automotive styling vision.

  • All interior parts: Instrument panels, dashboards, door trims – no detail is too small when it comes to your styling experience. We design every element with both comfort and functionality in mind.

  • Project management: From initial sketches to clay modeling and tooling, we seamlessly manage every step of the process, ensuring your vision flawlessly translates into reality.

  • Virtual reality: Immerse yourself in your future car using cutting-edge VR technology. Analyze reflection and ergonomics in real-time, ensuring your automotive styling masterpiece exceeds every expectation.

  • 1:1 milled model: We provide data for creating a flawless milled model, the final bridge between your styling dream and the open road.

Model-shop Capabilities :

  • Exterior volumetric models: These 1:1 scale marvels, crafted from materials like FRP and clay, bring your virtual design to life, allowing you to visualize its real-world proportions.

  • Interior volumetric models: Experience the ergonomic perfection of your automotive styling concept in full scale. These models, made from various materials, help finalize the interior layout and ensure every element fits you perfectly.

  • Running Exterior Models: Analyze the dynamic beauty of your automotive styling creation in motion with our 1:1 scale running exterior models.

  • Aero Models: Physical clay models undergo rigorous wind tunnel testing, ensuring your masterpiece not only looks stunning but also performs flawlessly.

Craftsmanship : 

At 3D Magic, we have a rigorous automotive styling process, ensuring every detail receives the attention it deserves. Our seasoned designers meticulously refine every curve and contour, exceeding your expectations with flawless execution in your masterpiece.

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